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sofa memories

los angeles, CA

JK1013 SOFA PRINT ALLOVER WIP 2 print out.tif
IMG_8804. JPEG 72jpg.jpg
IMG_8809 72 JPEG.jpg

The “sofa memories" print is a patchwork design using prints and pattern textiles that lived through the years in my family

Target. Portland, OR. March 2020.

IMG_1842 72 JPEG.jpg

Collecting toilet paper documenta

Painting while in isolation. The design started as a watercolor painting of the few toilet paper on hand.

QA9A4441 JPEG 72.jpg
QA9A4413 JPEG 72.jpg
QA9A4452 JPEG 72.jpg
QA9A4414 JPEG 72.jpg
QA9A4422 JPEG 72.jpg
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