leopard daisy

soho, NY

Ilgi Leopard Daisy Print
Ilgi Leopard Daisy Print Art Inspiration

The leopard print reappears so often throughout all of fashion history, that they are almost camouflaged at this point. Through the infinite iterations that have ever existed, they capture an allure suggesting sophistication, glamour, seductiveness, and rebelliousness. Leopard prints are also a popular design to decorate the home, apparel for girls, swimwear, and the list goes on. A design worn by all ages.


Seeing countless fur coats in Manhattan during the long winter of 2018, around 10-15 different coats were photographed either on the street or on the subway. 

The "LEOPARD DAISY" print captures the essence and spirit of ILGI to its very core. Traditional methods of creating print design is replaced by an art-focused mentality. Physically running around and capturing moments of everyday life, and then digitally collaging showcases the importance of daily logging and storytelling.

Coats seen around Soho and Bryant Park. Manhattan, NY. Winter 2018.

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Images from Culture Whisper: "History of Leopard Print in Fashion"

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Ilgi Leopard Daisy Print Shirt Lookbook Shoot in Seoul