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HWATU NIGHT 01 ~ 12.11.21


For Winter 2021, ilgi introduces Hwatu Club -- curated game nights to celebrate and play Hwatu, an important piece of Korean history and tradition. With the iconic movie "Tazza: the High Rollers", released in 2006, projected on the wall and a playlist of 70s and 80s Korean tunes, it was a unique and important night to remember. Retro Seoul vibes in the heart of Portland, Oregon - something the PNW hasn't seen before. 

Hwatu Club is nostalgic in many ways and seeks to share this sentiment with others who may or may not have similar memories or experiences. Some of us may remember our relatives or grandparents playing with these cards, but most of us don't have a direct connection to hwatu cards and do not know how to play.

Creating a night to bring back this pasttime, to keep the tradition alive, and make it our own is the goal for Hwatu Club.

HWATU NIGHT 02 ~ 10.08.22

For Fall 2022, the second Hwatu game night was the first official tournament for players to go head-to-head playing Go-Stop.


Separated into three rounds, the first round games consisted of three players. The winner who won the most games out of four moved onto the second round, where players were matched up to two players who also advanced from the first round. The final round was two players who played three games. With everyone getting better at playing, there will be more tournament style nights and prizes to come! Congrats Max!!

HWATU NIGHT 03 ~ 11.05.22

The third Hwatu night had a lot of firsts: first live DJ set by DJ Chingooz and food from local chefs and friends of Portland. Han from Kim Jong Grillin served up a special jjajangmyun for the night, and Sunny from Frybaby had a big debut of his Korean Fried Chicken!


The hwatu game setup was a tournament style, much like the previous event. Seeing regulars playing alongside newcomers in the same space was heartwarming, especially seeing experts coaching beginners who weren't familiar with the rules. The competition was fierce and the energy was high as the sounds of yelling and cards slamming filled the air. Congrats Jackie!!

HWATU NIGHT 04 ~ 04.28.23


The fourth Hwatu night took place in the heart of Koreatown, Los Angeles - the first ilgi event in LA! A local photography studio that goes by yura.showroom graciously opened up the space for this special night. With the quintessential red lights glowing, it was an honor to have the opportunity to showcase hwatu night amongst a totally new crowd of Los Angeles residents!

HWATU NIGHT 05 ~ 07.15.23


Hwatu night #5 took place back in Portland! The day started with Alex Hart from leading a tutorial on essential rules for playing Go-Stop. Hwatu games were ongoing as the sun set, and who else other than DJ Chingooz spun her favorite classics. After hours of endless shots of yakult soju, occasional nibbling on cup ramen and gimbap from Gobugi market, dancing to New Jeans and TLC, the night ended with karaoke! 

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