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kim's florals

seoul, S KOREA

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Grandpa showing me his series of watercolor paintings. Busan, S Korea. Summer 2009.


The "Kim's Floral" print is a collage using elements from my grandpa's watercolors he painted so diligently towards the end of his life. No one outside the family has seen his work until now.


Always filled with curiosity, he enjoyed many hobbies - most of which were in solitude. He was a man of few words. Aside from gardening, building furniture, and hunting birds, he got private art tutor lessons every week to learn watercolor painting. He loved it so much, he would often paint on both sides of the paper (or maybe frugal too).

His paintings have playful and quirky characteristics, being that he wasn't formally trained earlier in his life. Seeing these "amateur" details of him breaking so many "rules" is endearing to me. Never having a close relationship due to the distance and language barrier, I now hold onto these works on paper as precious family treasures and will see how I can reinterpret them to celebrate and honor his talent and point of view.

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A lover of nature, he often painted flora, landscapes, biblical scenes, and portraits.

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