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Established in 2018, the label delivers on the promise of its namesake, channeling the value of documentation and reflection. Drawing thematic inspiration from environments and personal experiences predominantly in New York City, Seoul, and Los Angeles, the practice of archiving daily observations build the foundation of the brand and every design. Each fabric tells a personal story through a dual Korean and American point of view.

With a specialized focus on print, every design begins from sources such as photographs, drawings, paintings, or collages of found objects or materials. The artwork is digitized as allover patterns, which are then printed onto fabric, becoming a new extension of these memories. The process behind each garment are introspective, nostalgic, and sentimental, celebrating memories as precious archived pieces.

Constantly evolving and in motion, the studio is currently based in Portland, Oregon.

ilgi_78-edited to be more green.jpg

View of Namsan Tower from ItaewonSeoul, S. Korea. Nov 2020


For wholesale and consignment inquiries, please email

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